This website was initially created to exhibit the sheet music for my classical musical compositions, and I would love to hear from musicians who would like to play my works as is, or rearranged for your specific ensemble.  If you’re looking for my electronic/experimental music recordings, please see my soundcloud.

For each piece below I can provide a full set consisting of ring-bound score and parts, plus a recording (synthesised for those not yet performed). For those in Perth, Western Australia, I am more than happy to workshop them with your ensemble.  All of the scores below can be previewed as pdf files. Audio files were synthesised from Sibelius software using Garritan Personal Orchestra Instruments.  For my music bio, please click here.

Pieces are colour coded by whether they are University/Professional level difficulty, or High School level difficulty.  For more information, including prices, please feel free to contact me.

For Symphony Orchestra

Cartoons of Dancing Hippopotami        PDF    mp3                                                             

Length: ~ 11’15”

Scored for: Double Winds, Brass (4, 3, 2, 1, 1), Timpani, Percussion (3) & Strings

Description: This unperformed work was started in 2001 and finished in 2006.  It was inspired by the babies proms I had done as part of the WA Youth Orchestra.

Distractions (A Chamber Symphony)       PDF    mp3                                                          

Length: ~ 27’04”

Scored for: Double Winds, Timpani & Strings

Description: The final movement of this four-movement work was the WA-state winner of the ASME Young Composers Competition in 2000 and was workshopped and performed in 2001 by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.  Completing the first three movements and revising the final movement has largely been a labour of love for me, and this was finished in 2005.

For Flute / Recorder Ensemble

Fantasy for Flute Ensemble       PDF    mp3                                                                        

Length: ~ 5’06”

Scored for: Piccolo, Flutes 1, 2 & 3, Alto & Bass

Description: This three-movement work was premiered by the WA Youth Orchestra Flute Choir in the Perth Concert Hall in 2002.   In recent years it has been performed numerous times by the Fisenden Flute Ensemble, notably at the annual National Flute Association Convention in New York, August 2009.  It has now been recorded to CD on the Fissenden Flute Ensemble’s “Telegraphed”.

One Baroque-ish Recorder Quartet       PDF    mp3                                    

Length: ~ 2’15”

Scored for: Descant, Treble, Tenor & Bass recorders.

Description: Written for the Hollywood SHS Recorder Quartet (1999 revised 2010).  It was performed at the Shenton College 2010 Second semester concert.

For Strings

Facets       PDF    mp3            

Length: ~11’35

Scored for: String ensemble = Violin I, II, Viola, Cello & Double Bass

Description: Five movements; each aiming to capture a certain personality.

    The Adventurer

    The Academic

    The Dreamer

    The Extrovert

    The Manic Depressive

Mode Suite       PDF    mp3                                                         

Length: ~ 17’50

Scored for: String Quartet = Violin I, II, Viola and Cello

Description: Seven movements; one in each of the modes (a mode is most simply thought of as a scale starting on each “white note” of the piano keyboard).  This was performed on the 18th of July, 2009 by the Winthrop String Quartet in Albany, Western Australia.








Suite for Flute, Violin & Cello*       PDF    mp3                                                                    

Length: ~ 18’35”

Scored for: Flute, Violin & Cello

Description: A neo-classical work for my Trio with Anita Fuhrmann (Flute) and Geoffrey Pearce (Violin).  It was finished in 2006 and is made up of seven movements:



    Walking Song

    Minuet & Trio




*Rondo and Finale movements are University/Professional level

Yearning       PDF    mp3                                                                                                         

Length: ~ 3’16”

Scored for: Cello Quartet

Description: Inspired by and written for the I Cellisti Cello Quartet in 2000 (revised 2003).

Three Thoughts for a Saturday Morning       PDF    mp3                                                   

Length: ~ 6’27”

Scored for: String Ensemble: Violin I & II, Viola, Cello & Double Bass

Description: This piece was my winning entry to the WA Youth Orchestra Collegium Composition Competition in 2001 and was performed on November 11th of that year.  The work contains three movements:




Grosso Concertino       PDF    mp3                                                                                   

Length: ~ 5’31”

Scored for: String Ensemble: Violin I (a & b) & II (a & b), Viola (a & b), Cello (a & b) & Double Bass

Description: Written in 1999, this piece catered to the wide range of skill levels present in the Hollywood SHS String Orchestra.

Cyclone       PDF    mp3                                                                                                         

Length: ~ 2’25”

Scored for: String Ensemble: Violin I & II, Viola, Cello & Double Bass

Description: Written in 1997 for the Hollywood SHS String orchestra.

For Percussion Ensemble

Compound Groove       PDF    mp3                                                                                          

Length: ~ 4’35”

Scored for: Marimba (2 players), Congas/Woodblocks, Shaker/Tubular Bells

Description: Inspired by and written for the Tetrafide Percussion ensemble in 2007.

Dawn       PDF    mp3                                                                                                                

Length: ~ 4’02”

Scored for: 5 Marimbas

Description: Inspired by and written for the Tetrafide Percussion ensemble in 1999.

For Guitar Ensemble

Pathos       PDF    mp3                                                                                                           

Length: ~ 5’23”

Scored for: Requinto, Guitars 1, 2, 3 & 4 + Bass

Description: Inspired by and written for the Guitarstrophe Guitar ensemble in 2003.  Guitarstrophe performed this work numerous times both in Perth and on their tour to England. 

Kanjisan       PDF    mp3                                                                                                        

Length: ~ 2’16”

Scored for: Guitars 1, 2 & 3

Description: The first piece in this catalogue! Written in 1996 (revised 1999).

For Voice

For Her Love of the Tango*        PDF    mp3                                                                          

Length: ~ 3’35”

Scored for: SATB quartet

Description: Inspired by and written for the Idea of North in 2002 (revised in 2008).

*Could also be performed by wind quartet.

I’ll not forget you*       PDF    mp3                                                                                            

Length: ~ 4’19”

Scored for: Voice and Piano

Description: Inspired by stage-musical ballades and written for my brother Darian Le Page in 2003.

*Could also be performed by solo instrument and piano.

For Solo Instrument

Volcano!       PDF    mp3                                                                                                            

Length: ~ 3’26”

Scored for: Solo Cello

Description: Written and performed for my Year 12 final exam and performances, including my solo in front of a full house at Perth Modern School Music Auditorium (2000). 

March of the Garden Gnomes       PDF    mp3                                                                        

Length: ~ 5’40”

Scored for: Solo Bass Clarinet, Marimba & String Quartet

Description: Inspired by and written for my friend Philip Everall in 2002.

1’ Gigue       PDF    mp3                                                                                                            

Length: ~ 1’00”

Scored for: Solo Viola

Description: A 21st birthday present for my friend Siobhan Finn in 2004.

For Brass

Pranksters and Heroes       PDF    mp3                                                                                  

Length: ~ 5’10”

Scored for: Trombone Quartet (3 tenor,1 bass)

Description: Inspired by and written for my brother Laurence Le Page in 2010.