I like to apply my creative process to other ideas too.  It is in the spirit of of entrepreneurs who have gone before: the continual brainstorming of original ideas is something I have always felt is important.

Regarding Space

Settling the Incliptic       Youtube part 1   part 2    part 3 

Recorded: 2013-2014

Description: A refinement of my ideas on space, condensed into a series of web videos.

Carousel Space Station       Youtube part 1   part 2 

Recorded: My presentation to the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) May 2011

Description: Carousel Space Station is a concept space station designed to investigate the effects of long term space flight on the mammalian immune system.

Zero-Gravity Table Tennis       PDF

Created: July 2006

Description: Table tennis is likely going to be one of the first sports played in space due to the limited space requirements.  This is a short brief on the sport that appears in my forthcoming scifi novel The Hilda Pact.

Total Solar Eclipses 2015-2024 page       Page

Created January 2014

Description: I was absolutely stunned when I visited Cairns in November 2012 and saw totality there.  This page is for planning future trips.


Cyvasse       Youtube video (rules v3.0)      Development Forum

Created: 2012-2013

Description: A playable representation the board game described in the latter books of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Michael Le Page’s Game of Life        PDF

Created: December 2005

Description: A rationale for a simulation inspired by John Conway’s Game of Life.  I’m looking for a programmer with an interest in evolution.

Regarding Perth City

Perth Inner City Circle Route        Facebook page

Created: November 2011

Description: My idea for a bus route connecting cafe strips and tourist attractions in inner Perth.

Perth Elevated City Cycleway      Powerpoint

Created: January 2012

Description: This concept aims to significantly increase bike use in the inner city district of Perth by reducing the “subjective risk factor” of cycling in the city through grade separation.


Solar Powered Electric Assist Recumbent      PDF

Created: October 2011

Description: This concept reimagines the beautiful Innessenti Recumbent trike as an ebike with incorporated solar power.


The following is a collection of recordings I have made over the years, mostly for my own benefit.  I am not a trained singer: if you’d like to help me out by re-recording the vocals, please contact me :)

Zero       mp3

Length: ~ 5’07”

Recorded: Jan 2007

Description: An electrotango composition.

Mas o menos       mp3       Mas o menos 2013 revision       mp3

Length: ~ 4’56” (4’01”)

Recorded: Dec 2010 (Sept 2013)

Description: This piece was originally inspired by Zigatango, a local folk/gypsy ensemble.  Literally “plus or minus”, this electrotango alternates between time signatures based on 7 or 9.  My aim was to explore the way we might dance to these complex rhythms.

Work2Home       mp3

Length: ~ 4’57”

Recorded: Jan 2007

Description: The sound track to my youtube video. Great fun to make.

Armas       mp3

Length: ~ 3’04”

Recorded: Dec 2008

Description: A birthday zouk track for Karen :)

Blackjack       mp3

Length: ~ 3’21”

Recorded: Aug 2008

Description: My activist streak comes out.

Vote of Confidence       mp3

Length: ~ 5’50”

Recorded: Apr 2006

Description: Inspired by a good friend and written for her birthday.

Lullaby for Mia       mp3

Length: ~ 1’33”

Recorded: Nov 2007

Description: I was in South America  when my brother Darian had his first daughter.  It was a sleepless night on a bus to Arequipa when I jotted this down in a journal.

Lullaby for Isla       mp3

Length: ~ 1’43”

Description: My brother Darian had his second daughter.  This time it was a sleepless night in the cell culture lab where I do the research for my PhD.


Trip Panoramas Gallery    Go to Page

Created: May 2009

Description: Selection of panoramas I created on my trip to North and South America.

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