My primary interest is as a space enthusiast and my end goal is to use my experience with 3D printing and the scientific method, together with my knowledge of Immunology/Biological systems to implement space-based aquaponics in a way that will both provide for environmental control inside space habitats as well as produce food (fruit/veg/fish) for astronaughts.  By doing this we can achieve meaningful improvements in manned spaceflight, leading to settlement of the inner solar system (or as I call it “incliptic”).

Settling the Incliptic       Youtube part 1   part 2    part 3 

Recorded: 2013-2014

Description: A refinement of my ideas on space, condensed into a series of web videos.

Carousel Space Station       Youtube part 1   part 2 

Recorded: My presentation to the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) May 2011

Description: Carousel Space Station is a concept space station designed to investigate the effects of long term space flight on the mammalian immune system.

Zero-Gravity Table Tennis       PDF

Created: July 2006

Description: Table tennis is likely going to be one of the first sports played in space due to the limited space requirements.  This is a short brief on the sport that appears in my forthcoming scifi novel The Hilda Pact.

Total Solar Eclipses 2015-2024 

Created January 2014

I was absolutely stunned when I visited Cairns in November 2012 and saw totality there.  This page is for planning future trips.  Here are the total solar Eclipses for the next several years, as Gif files.  I hope to get to at least one of them :)

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